Tom Groombridge


I speant 3 months learning to code at the Makers Academy in London. An intensive course where you learn languages including Ruby, HTML, CSS, Javascript and many more! The main focus is on TDD and making sure you write clean easy to read code. The course has been covered by The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer and Forbes.

If you want to read any of my code please visit my github


Alex Peattie set us the task of making an instagram clone with ruby on rails. I used paperclip to upload the photographs and stored them on AWS. You can sign up to the site with an e-mail address or log in using Facebook. I used the Omniauth gem for facebook log in. Christagram is online here check it out!
Dog Eared Pages
A site to share your favorite three books with Twitter. I used the Amazon and Twitter API's to get the data i needed and built a great looking mobile page with swipe control. an version control. The site is up and running and on the first day it was visited by over 300 people on the first day! Why not Give it a go!.
I was challenged by Enrique Comba Riepenhausen to make a sudoku game written in ruby and built on the Sinatra framework. The app generates a random Sudoku which allows you to input the missing number, if you input the wrong number it highlights yellow. Click here! to give it a go!

These are just 3 of the Projects on my Github check out the rest here!

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If you'd like to chat, contact me via email at or on Twitter (@TomGroombridge).